About us

Boost Beyond Boundaries



We are committed to providing safe and innovative treatments to patients of all ages,
especially developing medications that prioritize the safety of young pediatric patients.


Our goal is to liberate humanity from the health issues that constrain life, enabling individuals to freely realize their
potential and providing everyone with meaning and motivation to live.

Core Values

1. Continuous Learning and Growth

Through continuous learning and growth, we acquire top expertise, continuously develop the capabilities of individuals and organizations, and create outstanding results.

2. Respect Collaboration

We build trust by respecting colleagues, patients, and partners, acknowledging their opinions and values, and achieving the best results through collaboration.

3. Prohibition of Negativity and Distortion

We exclude negative attitudes and distorted information, always communicating with a positive and truthful approach.

4. Goal Achievement

We set clear goals, utilize necessary resources efficiently, overcome obstacles, and ensure the achievement of meaningful results.

Core Competence

1. Expertise

  • Scientific Knowledge: A deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and medical fields and acquisition of the latest knowledge.
  • Technical Ability: The ability to effectively use the latest research and development tools and technologies.
  • Problem Solving: The ability to accurately analyze problems and seek solutions.

2. Communication

  • Clear Communication: The ability to convey complex information clearly and concisely.
  • Specific Feedback: The ability to recognize team members' achievements and promote their development.
  • Courteous Behavior: The ability to act politely and respectfully in all situations, fostering a positive and cooperative work environment.

3. Accountability

  • Sense of responsibility : The ability to clearly recognize one’s roles and responsibilities, and diligently perform assigned tasks.
  • Transparent communication : The ability to promptly report issues or obstacles when they arise, and to communicate transparently to facilitate resolution.
  • Self-management : Taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, acknowledging mistakes, and correcting them.

4. Result-Driven Execution

  • Focus on Achievement: The ability to drive tasks centered around established goals, continually monitoring and improving outcomes.
  • Outcome Orientation: Immersing oneself fully in tasks without losing sight of deadlines, consistently delivering meaningful final outcomes.
  • Flexibility : The ability to adapt flexibly to unexpected changes or challenges, swiftly making necessary adjustments to achieve objectives.