Boost Beyond Boundaries

Our Credo

We strive to research, develop, and commercialize new drugs that address the desperate needs of patients, while going beyond treatment to contribute to their overall well-being and the advancement of humankind. By fulfilling our social responsibilities, we aim to gain the voluntary support of our shareholders, officers, and employees, and become a trusted company in the eyes of society and our customers.

As members of ASTROGEN, we recognize the importance of our role as representatives of the company. Therefore, we commit to the following principles:

Respecting and embracing diversity: We value the diversity of our employees and strive to create a fair organizational culture that respects and considers their unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Prohibiting financial transactions: We strictly prohibit giving and receiving money while performing our duties, ensuring there are no financial transactions between executives and employees.

Addressing workplace harassment: We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace. Such behavior will be strictly punished without any exceptions.

Fulfilling patients' needs: We develop new drugs based on patients' desperate needs, aiming to contribute to their happiness as partners beyond treatment. We strive to deliver real benefits to patients through optimal synergy based on expertise and humanity. We actively listen to the diverse voices from the clinical field and incorporate them into our research and development processes. The safe and thorough protection of patient and clinical information is a top priority, complying with all relevant regulations.

Transparent and efficient management: We believe in transparent and efficient management practices that continuously increase corporate value while reducing risks. We pursue continuous growth through creative research and development and constant innovation. We practice transparent management centered on the board of directors, ensuring legitimate accounting data, and faithfully disclosing them in accordance with laws and regulations.

Fair competition and partnerships: We foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners and compete fairly with our competitors under laws and principles. We aim to establish a future-oriented and sustainable industrial ecosystem by pursuing shared growth with our partners. Unauthorized solicitation, bribery, and unfair acts using superior status are strictly prohibited.

Contributing to a sustainable society: We play an active role in forming a sustainable society and incorporate corporate social responsibility as a vital indicator in our decision-making processes. We actively engage in social contribution activities to improve the rights and interests of vulnerable groups, such as the disabled and the socially disadvantaged. We also contribute to economic revitalization, create jobs through people-centered manpower management, and contribute to balanced regional development.

We, as employees of ASTROGEN, pledge to actively implement and uphold these principles in our conduct and value judgments. By doing so, we strive to fulfill our commitment to patients, society, and our stakeholders.