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We promise to open new horizons in the biomedical field.


  • ESG Management Objectives
  • Ethical Management

ESG Management Objectives

Astrogen establishes standards and puts them into practice to create a better world through “human-centered science,” contributes to “improving the quality of life of patients and their families,” and pursues “sustainable happiness for all stakeholders.”
We are making company-wide efforts to achieve the mission of "researching/developing/commercializing new medications fast based on the patients' clinical experiences and urgent needs and contributing to patients' happiness as partners beyond treatment." And through this, we are actively participating in "creating a happy world for everyone" as local community members.

Code of Ethics

ESG Management Declaration

At Astrogen, we aim to contribute to the well-being of patients in ways that go beyond medical treatment. Our commitment to their care is manifested through research, development and commercialization of new drugs based on their urgent needs. We fulfill our commitment to the public interest and social responsibility by prioritizing human health, thereby earning the trust and voluntary support of our shareholders and employees and growing as a business trusted by the public and our clients.

For this, Astrogen pledges to adhere to the following Code of Ethics to establish behavior patterns and values its employees willingly abide by.

Code of Practice

  • 1) Basic attitude of employees

    Employees of Astrogen do their work with the mindset that they represent the company.

    • We respect the diversity of employees, act thoughtfully, and build a fair organizational culture.
    • Bribery in the course of doing work and financial transactions between employees are strictly prohibited.
    • We have zero-tolerance policies against bullying and sexual harassment at work.
  • 2) Attitude toward patients

    We develop new drugs to address the urgent needs of patients and contribute to their well-being in ways that go beyond medical treatment.

    • We provide patients with real benefits from the synergy derived from professionalism and humanism.
    • We listen to the clinical experiences of healthcare professionals and actively apply them to our research and development programs.
    • We strictly safeguard patients' information and clinical data in accordance with laws.
  • 3) Enhancement of corporate value and responsibility for shareholders

    We reduce risks and increase our corporate value to strengthen shareholder value with transparent and efficient management.

    • We pursue continued growth through creative, innovative thinking and ceaseless R&D efforts.
    • We practice transparent management under the Board of Directors' guidance, sincerely prepare accounting data and disclose information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • 4) Relations with business partners

    We pursue mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and compete fairly with competitors under laws and sound business principles.

    • We build a future-oriented, sustainable industry ecosystem by pursuing co-prosperity with our partners.
    • We do not tolerate improper solicitation or bribery under any circumstances and prohibit wrongful conduct by those who seek to abuse their prominent position.
  • 5) Role for society

    We make the utmost efforts toward contributing to building a more sustainable community and take corporate social responsibility as the criteria for corporate decision-making.

    • We are actively engaged in social contribution activities to protect the rights and interests of vulnerable groups, including those who are socially disadvantaged and have disabilities.
    • We contribute to the national economic revitalization through corporate activities, create jobs through workforce management that values people, and contribute to balanced regional development.

Report Hotline

Astrogen receives reports of actions that are contrary to the principles of ethical management through the helpline.
If you have any tips or suggestions about any misconduct by Astrogen's executives or employees, please submit them to the helpline.

Subject to report

Infringement of customer rights by Astrogen’s executives or employees

Abuse of power against affiliates such as unfair trade, unfair selection, and leakage of an affiliate’s proprietary information

Misuse of opportunities such as unfair participation in shares and concurrent positions in partner companies

Misconduct such as violation of public funds, receipt of money, bribes, and other profits, etc.

Misreporting, document manipulation, or leakage of company confidential information

Sexual harassment, discrimination/coercion among employees

Other violations of law

How to report

Please report or declare any actions that are contrary to the principles of ethical management to hotline@astrogen.co.kr.
※ This account is operated and managed separately from the in-house account and is accessible only by a minimum number of security administrators.

We will do our best to protect informants.
Astrogen strictly protects the privacy and maintains confidentiality of the informants or the reporters and prevents any disadvantages caused by reporting or declaring incidents of unethical behavior or actions.

Principles of Ethical Management

  • 01. Receipt of the report

    Please send an e-mail to hotline@astrogen.co.kr with details of behavior or actions that are contrary to ethical management.

  • 02. Confirmation of the contents

    The person in charge checks the contents received by e-mail, and a limited number of people process the relevant contents to protect the informant's identity.

  • 03. Commencement of investigation

    An investigation is conducted according to the order of receipt and priority of reports. The period may vary depending on the subject and scope of the investigation.

  • 04. Completion of investigation

    After confirming the facts of the report, we will process as follows and will promptly inform you of the results:

    - Suggestions and requests: Promptly respond with the results of processing the proposal after consultation with the relevant departments
    - Serious violations: Promptly respond with the results of processing after internal investigations. Implement follow-up actions, such as special audits or filing a complaint to judicial authorities, if necessary